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Belgrade Future Gaming

Organizer: Multi Solution Consult doo
Aleksandra Stamboliskog 3a, 10040 Beograd, Republika Srbija
Date: June 04 – 05, 2019
Time: 10.00–18.00
Venue: Belgrade Fair – Hall 3
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14, 11 000 Beograd, Republic of Serbia




Working hours of the Hall 3 for stand construction is from 8.00 to 20.00, in the period from May 31 to June 03, and on June 04th-05th the Hall 3 working hours will be from 8.00 to 9.30.


Stand dismantle starts on June 05 at 18.30 časova, and should be finished until June 07 at 20.00.

Exhibitor’s ribbons, holders and car parking cards you may take them at the Hall 3 supervisor’s office from 10.00 to 15.00 daily, starting from Friday, May 31, 2019 up to June 04, 2019

For any information related to the stand construction at the Hall 3 (construction out of the working time, etc.) please contact the Hall Supervisor.



Full name and address of the company that constructs the stand shall be sent (the list of workers on the stand construction is not necessary).

After arrival at the Belgrade Fair space, i.e. before taking the structure in the Hall 3, you have to contact the Hall Supervisor in the Hall 3, who will direct the exhibitor to the location marked for his stand construction and provide other ordered technical services.

Minimal height of the custom stand shall be 2.5 m, and the maximal one 3.00 m.

The allowed height of the partition wall structure is 3 m.

If the advertising towers, columns, wall panels or others exceed the height of 3 m, the organizer’s approval is necessary. Each exhibitor shall make his wall in spite of the existing one of the adjacent stand If an exhibitor wants to use the adjacent wall as his own, he shall receive written approval of such exhibitor. The approval shall be sent with the design.

The exhibitors shall obey the rules regarding maintenance (they must not damage any walls or floor of the Hall or any other part of it). The rules shall be obeyed during mounting and dismantle of the stands, as well as during the event. Any tackling, screwing, sticking, welding, drilling etc. of any part of the Hall shall not be allowed.

During the light installation or any other light sources, their distance from flammable surfaces shall be not less than 40 cm.

The stand floor may be elevated, if necessary, not more than 20 cm. The floor structure shall be processed at the edges and installed as not to damage the Hall floor.

The exhibitor may not install exhibits outside the exhibiting space rented by him.

Special care shall be applied as not at all to endanger the space of the adjacent or any stand, whether by the stand shelter, his posters of free access to it.

The way to the fire extinguishing hydrant and the switchboard for power supply shall be free and passable any time.


The stand design shall be sent to the event organizer for approval in 3D format to the e-mail:

Confirmation that the stand meets technical conditions for construction shall be obtained.

Important: Without the design approval the stand may not be constructed!

TECHNICAL SERVICES (Power, the Internet and water connection):

Electric power connection:

The Fair has got the voltage of 220 V single-phase and 3 x 380 V three-phase alternating current of 50 Hz. The exhibitors shall take care that all installation and devices shall be adapted to such voltage. If there is necessary power stringer than 15KW, the exhibitor shall mention it the application, in order to get the relevant connection.

Stand may have switchboard provided by the Fair (not included in the connection price) or the exhibitor may have his own which will be connected to the network. The installation connection shall be approved by the Hall 3 Supervisor. All installations shall be in accordance with the technical rules or will not be allowed to be connected before the technical conditions are met. After providing the relevant connection with the marked technical capacity, consumption shall be as approved, whether the electric power is used for the stand lighting or the exhibit demonstration. The exhibitor may not make any changes or additions to the installation, or to exceed the allowed consumption capacity.

All types of electric connections and their prices are mention in the T application form at the Internet website .

The Internet connection:

If the exhibitors need the Internet, they have to mention this in the application form. There is the possibility of wireless or UTP connection. All types of the Internet packages (the difference is in the strength and price) are mentioned in the T application forms at the Internet website .

Water connection:


If the exhibitors need plumbing installation this should be mentioned in the application form. The connection to the Fair’s plumbing installation is possible. The relevant connection may be carried out only by the professional person of the Fair. All types and prices of water connections are mentioned in the T application form at the Internet website .

Other technical services :

Are mentioned with the prices in the T application form at the Internet website:


Organizer shall provide all types of technical services at the stand planned for the relevant service and the service quality is guaranteed only there.
The exhibitors shall bear in mind how many users will use the relevant connection and the technical services shall be ordered shall be in accordance with it. In case of the service quality failure due to the lack of the coordination of the number of users and capacity of such service, the organizer shall not be responsible for it.


Advertising services:


For the advertising services in the Hall, the organizer shall be contacted at
For the advertising services outside the Hall the Fair Marketing Department shall be contacted at,

Car parking cards


For the trucks by which you bring the construction materials or exhibits, the Hall Supervisor will certify your parking card (you may take it at the
car entrance in the Belgrade Fairground). With this card you may leave the Belgrade Fairground free of charge.

Parking cards for the vehicles used by the exhibitors may be taken in office of the Hall 3 Supervisor, from 10.00 to 15.00 daily, starting from May 31 to June 04, 2019.

Car parking cards are valid from June 01 to 07, 2019.

Car parking certification is in the competence of Belgrade Fair Hall 3

Supervisor only.

Forwarding services:

Load /Unload of exhibits  with forklift
Load /Unload of exhibits, that is, bringing in and taking out from the exhibition hall with the forklift can be executed exclusively by the company RightThing :

Please book your term for unload on time.

Belgrade Fair territory is the customs area for the goods to be exhibited at the exhibitions.

The exhibitors shall obey the customs rules in the goods handling. The exhibitors regulate their relations with the customs officers directly through the official agent or the authorized forwarding agency. The official Fair forwarding agency is Right thing company. Any information of their forwarding services may be obtained by inquiry at the e-mail:

The exhibitors shall have the right to use services of any other authorized forwarding agency. The organizer shall certify the application form of the
exhibitor, by which it confirms his participation in the event by which the exhibitor may achieve the import rights according to the customs regulations of the Republic of Serbia.




The exhibits and any other property of the exhibitor shall be insured against theft, damage, etc. the insurance shall be paid by the exhibitor and it is not included in the exhibiting costs. The insurance shall include the period from the goods unloading at the Fair until its loading into the transportation vehicles for the removal from the Fair. If any damage of the exhibits occurs and they are not insured, only the exhibitor shall be fully responsible for it.

ACCESS to Belgrade Fair from the direction Zagreb and Novi Sad Since the traffic on the Gazela bridge is forbidden for any trucks with the total weight of 3.5 tons capacity, the only access to Belgrade Fair from the direction of Zagreb and Novi Sad is:

From the direction of Zagreb:


From the direction of Novi Sad:


Access to the Hall 3

Access to the Hall 3 for the exhibits unloading and loading


Flower decorations:


For the flower decoration service we recommend you Beocvet, e-mail:




For the service of hostesses engagement we would recommend you PSpromo, e-mail:




For the accommodation services we would recommend you Champion Travel, e-mail:,