Belgrade, Serbia, 04-05 June 2019

Belgrade Fair, Hall 3

Multi Solution Consult d.o.o.

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Belgrade, Serbia

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Application deadline May 05, 2019

Note: You have to mail the completed signed and stamped application forms and send the scanned copy by e-mail!

Full company /
exhibitor name:

Contact person,
Telephone, E-mail:

(country, city, ZIP, street & number):

Vat No.:
(For Serbian companies):


Companies that rent certain exhibition space and pay the registration fee.
The cost of registration fee includes the following services:
a) Free exhibitor passes
b) Free passes for two vehicles for rented space up to 50 sq. m.; for three vehicles for rented space up to 51 to 100 sq. m.; for four vehicles for rented space over 100 sq. m.
c) Announcement in the official fair catalogue


Additional company presented by the exhibitors
The cost of co-exhibitors's registration fee includes the following services:
a) Two free exhibitor passes
b) One free parking pass
c) Announcement in the official fair catalogue
The exhibitor is entitled to display banners / logos of one or more co-exhibitors on his stand, solely if properly registered to Belgrade Future Gaming by seperate application for each co-exhibitor. In case of not registered co-exhibitor (by separate application), Belgrade Future Gaming Fair will additionally charge that exhibitor the cost of co-exhibitor's registration fee for each additional co-exhibitor.


Opening hours
Fair opening hours for visitors are from 10.00 a. m. to 6.00 p. m. The exhibitor agrees to comply with the opening and closing hours of the Fair, and particulary that the stand with all displayed exhibits shall be functional until the Fair closing. The employees at the stand are required to be at their stand at least 30 minutes before the opening of the Fair.
Application for additional services
Belgrade Future Gaming Fair also delivers to exhibitors the application for additional services as electricity, water, the Internet, additional parking passes, as well as other services, thatshould be filled out by the exhibitor, according to needs and returned to Belgrade Future Gaming Fair in thestated deadlines.

Otherwise, the Fair does not assume the responsibility to provide the respective additional services to the exhibitor. The applicable compensation is started in the Application form for additional services.
Project certification
During the period of stand mounting and dismounting, the exhibitors, i.e. their contractors, that perform the stand construction by themselfs, shall compensate the obligatory common costs. The applicable compensation is started in the Application form for stand construction.
On all events organized at the Belgrade Fair, the displayed exhibits and other assets of the exhibitor must be insured by national or foreign insurance companies. If not insured, the liabilityfor damage to the displayed exhibits and other assets of the exhibitor is fully assumed by the exhibitor. The insurance of the displayed exhibits and other assets is exhibitor's responsibility.


The exhibitor shall make a payment:
Payment deadline - May 15, 2019.

The payment is guaranteed according to the Law on financial transactions of the Republic of Serbia. In case of payment after the contract deadline, the exhibitor shall pay the interest according to the official published default interest rate. If the default interest rate is not known at the moment of calculation, the index from the previous month shall be applied.

The exhibitor may withdraw the submitted application for participation within 5 days from the date of its submission.

If the submitted application for participation is withdrawn after the aforementioned deadline, the exhibitor is obliged to pay to the organizer the rent for the requested exhibition space, the exhibitor registration fee as well as all other costs related to the exhibitor's dropping out.
The application for participation has the legal force of a contract. Contracting parties have agreed to settle any disputes arising from this contract at the competent court in Belgrade, Serbia.

To be filled by the exhibitor: We hereby confirm that we accept the above general conditions.

Authorized person signature: