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General regulations

Belgrade Future Gaming

General regulations on participation
at Belgrade Future Gaming exhibition event

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According to the rule, only companies can participate in the exhibition event


Companies that rent certain exhibition space and pay the registration fee.
The cost of registration fee includes the following services:

a) Free exhibitor passes
b) Free exhibitor parking passes
c) Announcement in the official exhibition catalogue


An additional company presented by the exhibitors.

Co- exhibitors exercise the same rights as the exhibitor.

A co-exhibitor is exclusively a company that visibly highlights a sign that does not belong to the exhibitor at its stand.

In case the exhibitor does not register co-exhibitors, the organizer will additionally charge the exhibitor the costs of the co-exhibitor’s registration fee. 


The time of rented exhibition space for the duration of the event is determined by the organizer.

The exhibition event lasts for two days.

  • On the first day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
  • On the second day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The stand assembling time lasts for four days before the start of the exhibition event, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
The stand dissembling time lasts for two days after the end of the exhibition event, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The exhibitor undertakes to respect the assembling/disassembling times, i.e. the opening and closing of the exhibition event, and especially that the stand with exhibits will be in operation until the end of the event.


The exhibitor space is considered assigned when the organizer sends the exhibitor a certified application by mail.

Details of the application are previously agreed between the organizer and the exhibitor and refer to the exhibitor's registration fee, position, size (dimensions) of the space and price list.

The rent of the exhibition space is calculated according to the gross area of the allocated exhibition space.
When calculating the space rent, each square meter is counted as a whole.

The minimum exhibition space that an exhibitor can rent is 12 m2.



The contractor of the construction of the exhibitor's stand is obliged to submit the project of the stand to the organizer in the form of a certified application no later than 1st May of the current year.

If the project is not certified, the organizer reserves the right not to allow the beginning of the stand construction.

The obligation of the project applicant is that the constructed stand completely corresponds to the certified project.

The project should contain technical information that clearly define the size and height of the stand design,
It is necessary to submit:

  • A draft of the base of the stand
  • A draft of the appearance of the stand (it must contain dimensions)


  • The raised booth floor is obligatory
  • The minimum height of the standard stand must be 2.5 metres, and the maximum 3 metres.
  • The permitted height of the partition walls of the stand is 3metres.
  • If advertising towers, poles, wall panels or other, exceed a height of 4 metres, the consent of the organizer is necessary.
  • Each exhibitor is obliged to build his own wall, regardless of the existence of a neighbouring stand wall. If the exhibitor wants to use the wall of the neighbouring stand as his own, he needs the written approval of the stand's exhibitor. The approval should be submitted with the project.
  • Nailing, screwing, gluing, welding, drilling or similar is prohibited in any part of the Exhibition Hall.
  • When installing lamps or other sources of light, it is necessary to ensure that their distance from flammable surfaces is 40 cm at least.
  • If necessary, the floor of the stand can be raised by a maximum of 20 cm. The floor structure must be safe to walk on, with processed edges and installed so as not to damage the floor of the Hall.
  • Stand elements cannot exceed the dimensions of the stand.
  • The wall of the stand towards the aisle must not be longer than 1/2 the length of that side of the stand.
  • In the hall, hanging from the ceiling above the stand is possible, and the technical conditions for approval are within the exclusive competence of the project office of the Belgrade Fair and the inspector of the hall.


For the verification of the project, i.e. for the period of assembling/disassembling the stand, the exhibitors, i.e. the contractors who build the stand on their behalf, pay a mandatory fee for joint costs.

The amount of reimbursement based on this is shown in the application for the stand construction contractor.


Insurance for the duration of assembling/disassembling the stand is within the responsibility of the construction contractor stand

Responsibility for damage caused to property, employees or third parties, should they be uninsured, shall be fully borne by the stand construction contractor.


The electrical network of the Belgrade Fair has a voltage of 220V single-phase and 3 x 380V three-phase alternating current of 50Hz.
Exhibitors are obliged to ensure that all installations and devices are adapted to that voltage.

If there is a need for power stronger than 15kW, the exhibitor should mention this in order to ensure a suitable connection.

The stand can have a distribution board provided by the organizer (not included in the price of the connection) or it can have its own distribution board that will be connected to the network.

The installation connection must be approved by the hall inspector.

All installations must conform to the technical regulations; otherwise they will not be connected until the technical conditions are met.

After providing a suitable connection with the specified technical consumption capacity (whether electricity is used for the stand lights or showing the exhibits), the exhibitor may not make changes and additions to the installation or exceed the permitted consumption capacity.

The types and prices of the electricity connection services are listed in the Technical Services Price List.

The electrical power used for the needs of building a stand or testing exhibits will be switched on at the stand from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., according to the rules of the Belgrade Fair, which provides technical services (no alterations are possible).

The electrical power used for the duration of the event will be switched on at the stand from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., i.e. it is recommended that all devices at the stand are turned off before 6:30 p.m.

The organizer is not responsible in any case in case of the damage caused by not turning off devices.


Ordered Internet services will be available:

  • Wi-Fi three days before the start of the event,
  • UTP cable the day before the start of the event

The types and prices of internet services are listed in the Technical Services Price List.
For all technical information regarding the Internet, it is necessary to contact exclusively the IT sector of the Belgrade Fair:, which provides the service.


Should the exhibitors need a plumbing installation, it is possible to connect to the plumbing installation of the Belgrade Fair.
Connection to the installation can only be performed by an expert at the Fair.

All types of plumbing installations and prices are listed in the Technical Services Price List.


The organizer is obliged to provide all kinds of technical services at the stand provided for a specific service, and only then the quality of the service is guaranteed.

Exhibitors must keep in mind how many users will use a certain connection, and order technical services accordingly.

In case of the lack of the service quality due to a disproportion between the number of users and the capacity of a particular service, the organizer bears no responsibility.


The territory of the Belgrade Fair is the customs area for goods displayed at exhibitions.

Exhibitors are obliged to comply with the customs regulations when handling goods. Exhibitors regulate relations with the customs authorities directly through an official representative or an authorized forwarder.

The official freight forwarder of the Belgrade Future Gaming exhibition event is: MBELIT d.o.o

All information about their freight forwarding services can be obtained by email:

Exhibitors have the right to use the services of any other authorized forwarder.

The organizer is obliged to certify the exhibitor's application, which confirms their participation in the event and enables the exhibitor to exercise import rights according to the customs regulations of the Republic of Serbia.



Unloading/loading of exhibits, i.e. entry and exit from the hall using a forklift is done exclusively by the organizer.


Exhibits and other property of the exhibitor must be insured against theft, damage, etc. Insurance is within the responsibility of the exhibitor and is not included in the exhibition cost.

The insurance must include the period from goods unloading at the Fair until their loading into the means of transport for removal from the territory of the Belgrade Fair, as well as the insurance of the goods and persons at the stand itself for the duration of the exhibition event.

Should damage to exhibits or people at the stand occur, and they are not insured, the exhibitor is solely responsible.


According to the deadline specified on the proforma invoice or invoice, the exhibitor undertakes to make payment and based on the submitted application.
The deadline for payment of the entire amount based on the submitted application is 1st May of the current year.

Payment is guaranteed according to the Law on Payment Transactions of the Republic of Serbia.

In the case of payment after the contract deadline, the exhibitor shall pay the interest according to the officially published default interest rate.
The exhibitor may withdraw the submitted application for participation within 5 days from the date of its submission, exclusively in writing.

If the submitted application for participation is withdrawn after the specified deadline, the exhibitor is obliged to pay the entire contracted amount.

The organizer is entitled to rent the cancelled venue without any compensation to the exhibitor in case of untimely withdrawal of application or failure to make payment in full within the stipulated period.


If the Venue becomes impossible to organize the exhibition event for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer, the organizer reserves the right to change the location, i.e. the date of the event, no later than 30 days before the scheduled launch.


It is the duty of the exhibitor to respect the rules of the Hall regarding its preservation (the walls and floor of the Hall or any other part of it shall not be damaged).

The rules must be followed during the assembling and dissembling the stands, as well as during the event itself.
For all damages, the fee is charged, the amount of which is determined by the panel.

The exhibitor may not place exhibits outside of the exhibition space they have leased.

The exhibitor is obliged to take care that the space of the adjacent or another stand is not endangered in any way, either by blocking the stand, its posters or free access to it.

Bringing open flames or smoldering products to the fair is strictly prohibited, as well as smoking cigarettes at the stand.
It is necessary to take care that the road to the fire hydrant and the distribution cabinet for electricity remain passable.
The use of sound electronic devices that produce a noise level greater than 50 decibels is not allowed at the stand.

Sound advertising and music may be used within the exhibitor's stand only provided that they do not disturb the business of other exhibitors, and the date and duration of special performances outside of rented space shall be registered and approved by the organizer in advance.


The organizer is obliged to make the space available to the exhibitor at the position and size according to the contract, as well as necessary technical services, and in accordance with technical potential.

The organizer reserves the right to record and publish exhibits and stands for its own purposes free of charge.

If a third party submits a claim for damages due to the violation of copyright, patent and license rights by the user of the exhibition space, the organizer will not be held responsible in any way, but solely the user of the space.

The organizer does not give any guarantees about the participation or non-participation of any potential exhibitor, nor about the number of exhibitors or visitors.

The general rules for participating in the BELGRADE FUTURE GAMING exhibition event are an integral part of the application for participation.