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Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia – ExTG1


The first edition of the Exact Time in Gambling conference, which will take place for the first time in Belgrade in June 5th will present live casinos, slot machines halls and betting houses, online games, and up-to-date gaming legislation in the Balkans and in Europe.


The gambling market in Serbia, a growing market, is becoming more and more interesting for the entire international gaming industry community and the comparison between the gaming legislation in the Balkans and the rest of the Europe pushed Casino Life &
Business Magazine
to organize this first conference at the beginning of the annual trade fair Belgrade Future Gaming.


The Belgrade conference will bring in front of the participants the leading representatives of the local gaming industry and authorities which will debate and will seek answers to the hottest issues of the moment in this area. Foreign renown speakers will also take part at the event bringing their expertise in the field.


This first edition of the Exact Time in Gambling conference will take place on the first day of Serbia’s Belgrade Future Gaming annual gaming fair, on June 5th, the most important and busiest day of the exhibition.


As the name reveals it, the event is an excellent opportunity for participants to get acquainted with the latest news and developments in Serbia’s gaming industry and beyond.

The conference is scheduled to have three sections: in the first part, the partners of the event will have presentations in front of all participants, and in the second and third part, those present will be updated on the newest openings and developments - legislative or not - in the field, including projects dedicated to Responsible Gambling.


During both parts of the event, participants will be able to ask questions, all taking place in an informal atmosphere, typical for events organized under the aegis of Casino Life & Business Magazine.


Through both organizational structure and up-to-date topics, the event will be an important milestone in the Belgrade Future Gaming 2018 participants agenda.


The organizer, Casino Life & Business Magazine is a media partner of the most important gaming events in the world and it has beed granted twice with the “Best iGaming Press in the Region” in 2016 and 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.




Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia
Meet the speakers


Jan Rehola (The Czech Republic)

Jan Řehola is an associated lawyer with PS Legal from Prague.
Jan Řehola has over 8 years of experiences in gambling field, both from the public and private sector.
He is a master of Law from the Charles University in Prague.

Jan has been working for 4 years for the Ministry of Finance – Czech Gambling regulator, as a Director of Gambling Department. In his work for the Czech Gambling regulator Jan was responsible for all gambling policy issues, including drafting of new legislation, issuing of gambling licences and cooperation with other European regulators as a member of European Commission Expert Group on Online Gambling.

Jan Řehola is now associated with PS Legal, law firm and with his professional team provide consultancy to the biggest companies on European gambling market. Jan is finishing his doctoral degree at Charles University in Prague and regularly speaks at gambling conferences around the Europe.
PS Legal is Prague based law firm specialized in providing legal services to all sectors of the gaming industry. PS Legal has rich experience in gambling field and provides professional and high quality legal and compliance consultancy to key players on Czech and CEE gambling market.




Hrvoje Vincetic (Croatia)


Hrvoje Vincetic is the Managing Director of Adriatic Casino from Opatija.
Hrvoje Vincetic was born in Croatia in 1962. He studied Engineering in Agronomy and finished it at the University of Osijek. His casino career started in 1990 at the position of craps dealer at the American Palace Laguna Casino in Poreč, Croatia. Afterwards, he spent 5 years at HIT Casinos Group in Slovenia, over 5 years at Casino Mulino (Croatia) and over 3 years as the Managing Director of Royal Casino (Croatia). He had been managing the Croatian Lottery's Casino in Vinkovci  for about 3 years. Hrvoje was engaged with the Croatian Lottery for about 9 years alltogether on different casino, lottery and betting jobs. In June 2015 Hrvoje was offered the Managing Director position at the Adriatic Casino in Opatija (Croatia) which he's gladly accepted.

This first edition of the “Exact Time in Gambling” conference will take place on the first day of Serbia’s Belgrade Future Gaming annual gaming fair, on June 5th, the most important and busiest day of the exhibition.

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Nicholas S. Hammond (United Kingdom)

Nicholas S. Hammond is partner in Hammond-Partnership.
Nicholas S. Hammond opened the first law office in Romania after the 1989 changes. After a few years practicing in Romania he opened Hammond and Associates which has become Hammond Partnership.
Nicholas is a highly experienced English speaking commercial lawyer based in Romania having practised both in the City of London and Romania.
He was the first English solicitor to come to Romania in 1990. His practise covers all aspects of corporate and commercial law including company formations and corporate restructuring, joint ventures and inward investment. He has advised clients in such varied fields as aviation, insurance, banking, retail, agriculture, project finance as well as venture capital investments. He advises on real estate matters as well as leasing and Romanian intellectual property matters.
He has experience in many areas of law including aviation, natural resources, finance and insurance, intellectual property and employment as well as counselling companies entering the Romanian market.
Currently he writes a blog on Romanian law as well as doing business in Romania.


Vasil Stumbov (Bulgaria)

Vasil Stumbov is a veteran of the iGaming industry.
Vasil Stumbov started back in 2000 and since then occupied various C-level positions at big and small companies from the sector, namely PartyGaming, Sportingbet, Tempobet or Anakatech.
In 2013, Vasil started the consultancy iGamingBulgaria in order to respond to the growing needs of the operators in South-Eastern Europe to establish their presence.
Since 2015, Vasil Stumbov has successfully raised funds, as an investor and co-founder, for Dench eGaming Solutions – an innovative turn-key platform provider with focus on AI and behavioral marketing.
This first edition of the “Exact Time in Gambling” conference will take place on the first day of Serbia’s Belgrade Future Gaming annual gaming fair, on June 5th, the most important and busiest day of the exhibition.
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Valentin Korman (Romania)

Valentin Korman is the Vice-president of National Office for Gambling.
Valentin Korman is one of the most experienced representatives of the government in Romania. In his career he had many high ranked positions in administration and companies.




Vlad Ardeleanu (Romania)

Vlad Ardeleanu is the General Manager of Superbet.
Vlad Ardeleanu is one of the most respected representatives of the gambling industry in Romania after being in high ranked positions with many multinational corporations. Vlad Ardeleanu will not be only a speaker but he will moderate a plenary session, too.
This first edition of the “Exact Time in Gambling” conference will take place on the first day of Serbia’s Belgrade Future Gaming annual gaming fair, on June 5th, the most important and busiest day of the exhibition.
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Jaka Repansek (Slovenia)

Jaka Repansek LL.B, MBA, is the founder and managing partner of RePublis d.o.o., a Slovenian based legal and business consulting firm. He has been working for various TIME (Telecom, Internet, Media, Entertainment) companies since 1996. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on gaming and media law in Slovenia. After graduating from Greenwood High School (Springfield, Missouri, USA) in 1992, Jaka graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He gained his graduate degree from Cambridge University in England and Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (Diploma in European Community Law) and completed two-year MBA graduate studies at the University of Kansas in USA. Jaka is an active member of IMGL (Slovenia) and a member of several other domestic and international organizations and is active also as lecturer in various seminars and conferences.




Alex Petrovic (Serbia)

Alex Petrovic, Senior Partner (IT) with 20 years of international experience in the IT industry specializes in information technology law and in particular contracts for development, licensing and maintenance of software, protection of digital intellectual property, cyber security, digital data protection, e-business and e-government. His international experience includes leadership in projects ranging from electronic incorporation of companies in Canada, re-use of digital public sector information in the European Union (Slovenia) to modernization of e-business and e-government legal frameworks in Serbia.
Mr. Petrovic was educated in law in England and in applied information technology in Canada.
His clients come from different sections of the IT industry and are involved in a wide range of businesses such as development of software, outsourcing, video gaming, internet gambling, e-banking, e-money, virtual currencies, information security, e-commerce.
He regularly speaks at various international conferences, appears in the leading media and is a guest lecturer at private and public universities.
Alex Petrovic contributes to international legal publications E-commerce law & policy, E-finance & Payments Law & Policy, World Online Gambling Law Report, Getting the Deal Through, among others.
Legal500 and Chambers and Partners listed him as the leading IT law practitioner in Serbia.




Bogdan Coman (Romania)

Bogdan Coman has a background of 10 years in the gambling industry, with a track record of projects that extend since 2009 with a national coverage network of sales for a very popular televised bingo at the time - SuperBingo Metropolis. From then on, he was engaged in multiple national projects, covering the entire spectrum of the gambling market - slot machines, betting, live casino, bingo and online gaming. As the Executive Director at Rombet, he is one of the international interfaces in most of Europe's gambling events, promoting not only the Association but the entire Romanian industry.




Enes Elezovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Enes Elezovic studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Business Management. For the past 20 years Enes has lived in America with a career in financial management that spans over 8 years with Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Recently Enes joined the NSoft team to provide extensive knowledge in strategic management and to provide insight into the American market.




Superbet, Main Partner at "Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia"


SUPERBET has become the Main Partner of Belgrade's "Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia" conference.

The first edition of "Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia" on June 5 in Belgrade on the first day of the annual fair dedicated to the industry "Belgrade Future Gaming" has Superbet as the Main Partner.


Superbet joins the Permanent Event Partners organized by Casino Life & Business Magazine, company DGL PRO, GRISOGONO style studio and ROMBET association.

Superbet is the largest gaming operator in Romania with a retail network of nearly 1,000 agencies across the country and with turnover that doubles from year to year at least.

Superbet Romania was founded in 2008 by Sacha Dragic, who is today the CEO of the entire group of companies. This autumn, Superbet became the first sports betting company to be present on the Alternative Stock Exchange AeRo, following a bond issue of 9.6 million lei sold to Romanian investors.


On November 21, 2017, the company officially launched its operations on the Polish market. Superbet Poland obtained a Retail Operations License in October, becoming the only foreign operator authorized to operate on the Polish market.


With nearly 3,000 employees, Superbet Romania is the largest tax payer in the industry and among the largest taxpayers in the national budget, with over 35 million euros paid this year and 26 million euros last year.


What you are interested in participating can complete the Registration Form right here.

This first edition of the “Exact Time in Gambling” conference will take place on the first day of Serbia’s Belgrade Future Gaming annual gaming fair, on June 5th, the most important and busiest day of the exhibition.
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The first edition of the “Exact Time in Gambling / Serbia” conference, which will take place on June 5 in Belgrade, on the first day of the annual trade fair dedicated to the gaming industry “Belgrade Future Gaming”, has a new media partner – Gambling Compliance.


Understanding the importance of the event, Gambling Compliance has shown interest in joining the supporters’ team of the event from the capital of Serbia.
Gambling Compliance is the leading provider of independent legal, regulatory and business intelligence to the global gambling industry. Trusted by leading names all over the world, their independent analysis of legal and policy developments helps power more informed understanding and effective decision making.
The conference Main Partner is Superbet Permanent Partners of the event are DGL PRO, GRISOGONO style studio and ROMBET association.